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Relax while you drink less with a mood-boosting ingredient from tea.

BTWEENER Can - Yuzu Lemongrass FlavorBTWEENER Can - Grapefruit Guava

Introducing the

Refreshing Hydration Seltzer

(With real Juice & botanicals)

Enhanced with

Natural L‑Theanine

(A relaxing ingredient From tea)

so you can

Drink Less alcohol

(without sacrificing your buzz)

BTWEENER Customer quote "Perfectly light and refereshing"BTWEENER Customer quote "Each sip feels great.""BTWEENER Customer quote "Kills my hangover, not my buzz.""

BTWEENER contains 100 mg of L‑Theanine, a natural ingredient from Tea.

L‑Theanine & alcohol help you relax in similar ways...

...meaning you'll experience a pleasant feeling "between" alcohol & nothing.

The Details:
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Stimulates relaxing "alpha" brain waves.
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Releases seratonin & dopamine.
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Also stimulates "alpha" brain waves.
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Also releases seratonin & dopamine.
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1/3rd the calories of alcohol.
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Hangover FREE.
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Caffeine FREE.
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Non-intoxicating. Non-drowsy.
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Supports alcohol metabolism.
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Limits GABA rebound (aka "hangxiety").
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Supports immunity.


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Creates a sense of "slowing down" (via GABA receptors).
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Stimulates relaxing "alpha" brain waves.
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Releases pleasure chemicals (serotonin & dopamine).



One way to enjoy BTWEENER is at parties...

Step 1
If you want to drink, go ahead & catch a buzz.

Step 2
When you're ready, start alternating with BTWEENER.

You'll continue to feel relaxed & a part of the party.

No hangover included.

Organic Blue Agave

Real Juice



Nothing Fake Here.
Nothing fake here.
Just a tad. for fun.
Keeps you relaxed.
Because alcohol's a thing.

All-Natural, Premium Ingredients

Just a tad. For fun.
Keeps you Relaxed.
Because alcohol's A Thing.

People love us, just sayin'...

"OK, these are perfect. They're light, delicious & I love the little focus buzz I get when I drink them. Plus, the added electrolytes & vitamins are the perfect bonus to help keep the night going."
- Marjorie G.

"Its subtle, but you feel something for sure. It's the perfect bridge between drinks."
- Kacy Y.

"I honestly can't drink without BTWEENER."
- John B.

"Grapefruit Gauva is absolutely fire!"
- Kendra C.

"So light and refreshing, yet packed with flavor!"
- Sammy.

"These. Are. SO. Good! Perfect as a mixer OR on their own."
- Mia.

"Yuzu Lemongrass is easily my favorite!!"
-Morgan O.

"I love having an option that's NOT plain tap water."
-Darren A.

"These were a huge hit at my wedding."
-Lauren M.

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Does BTWEENER cure or
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Proudly Crafted In Chicago, USA
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